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An Introductory Text for Apologetics Students

by Dean Hardy

Dr. Norman Geisler writes, 
"'Stand your Ground' is doctrinally sound, apologetically oriented, and an evangelistically relevant work. It will fill an important need in saving our young people from the onslaughts of unbelief." 
Click here to view a published review of the book by Dr. Donald Oppewal, Professor Emeritus Calvin College.

"My freshman year of college was a battle," writes Katie, a college student and a strong Christian.

The transition from high school to college is one of the most pivotal times in a young person's life. After departing from under the protective wings of their parents, young adults often have trouble holding firm to the Christian faith.

'Stand Your Ground' is an introduction to apologetics for young adults in high school or college. The book includes thirteen chapters that confront the overwhelming intellectual attacks Christian college students face on university campuses.

Dean Hardy takes readers on a spiritual and intellectual journey, addressing such issues as the nature of truth and reality, the investigation of other worldviews, the evidence for Christianity, critics' arguments against Christianity, and the relationship between apologetics and evangelism.



Coauthor of 'I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist' and 'Legislating Morality' 

"'Stand Your Ground' covers a lot of ground in an easy-to-understand manner. From logic, to philosophy, to the evidence for God and the Bible, 'Stand Your Ground' provides you with the essential tools you need to defend Christianity from the 
relentless attacks of skeptics . . . highly recommended!"


The Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University and author of 'True for You, But Not for Me' 


"Dean Hardy is to be commended for writing a very accessible book that covers a remarkably wide range of material on apologetics. I applaud his emphasis on a personalized, holistic approach to defending the faith, which is greatly needed."



A middle-grade fantasy by Dean Hardy

Christine at Old Schoolhouse Magazine writes, 
"My 12-year old granddaughter read this book and has already turned in a book report about it. She loved the book and wants to put it on her shelf with her permanent collection when I am through with it. I enjoyed the book as well, although this is not a genre that I would normally pick up and read. I would recommend this for your middleschooler's reading list, and I feel fairly confident that they will not complain about reading it." 

Zack has no idea that he is trapped. For twelve years he has lived in a safe society that has cut itself off from the rest of the planet. A century before Zack was born his community secluded itself by building a thirty-foot wall of mortar and stone. No windows or doors led to the outside world. No one entered; no one exited. Young Zack is completely content in his community until he is enlightened by a soon to be expelled criminal. The lawbreaker treats his day of punishment as if it is his ticket to independence. Zack had never thought about visiting the world outside Magnus Kir, but after a series of events including a run-in with the king, he finally gets his change. Magnus Kir is the tale of his hesitant escape.

Magnus Kir Book Trailer

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